In this motor vehicle accident, a young 12 year old girl attempted to cross the street against a red light and was struck by a “hit and run” vehicle, suffering a severe head injury resulting in a short term coma and long term cognitive issues. Unfortunately, there were few direct witnesses to the accident. A comprehensive investigation led to a City owned DEP truck as the culprit, although the City denied its involvement. The City moved for Summary Judgment to dismiss the case, but MSG defeated the motion. On the eve of trial, the City offered this significant settlement to compensate our young client.

$1,150,000 settlement before trial for client who fell down stairs while making a delivery to a bakery and sustained spinal injuries requiring surgery.  MSG reviewed the stairs and architectural plans and through the course of litigation convinced insurance carrier that the failure to provide a handrail was a proximate cause of the accident.

$480,000 settlement against the City for an accident caused when client hit a large dip in the road and lost control of his vehicle, crashing into a parked car and fracturing his femur.  The City was forced to settle the case prior to trial when MSG uncovered prior notices and complaints about the dangerous condition, but which the City failed to repair.

$525,000 verdict in Queens, County, for a bicyclist struck by car who suffered spinal injuries resulting in surgery, including a spinal fusion.

$2,000,000 settlement during trial for client who suffered multiple fractures of the foot and leg when struck by a City Bus as he was crossing the street.  We also obtained a $275,000 settlement for  client’s 12 year daughter, who was also struck by the bus and suffered fractured ankle.

Myers, Singer & Galiardo LLP

Myers, Singer & Galiardo LLP