$1,400,000 settlement on the eve of trial in an excessive force case for man who suffered an orbital fracture when beaten by the police.

$1,875,000 settlement for motorcyclist who suffered a fractured pelvis, head injury and a ruptured testicle when he was struck by a car making an illegal U-turn.

$4,000,000 settlement for woman who suffered multiple body injuries including head trauma as a result of a motor vehicle accident when her car was struck by a truck at an intersection.

$1,200,000 settlement following a jury verdict for a man who sustained leg fractures requiring surgery as a result of a collision with a police vehicle while operating a motorcycle.

$1,200,000 for a young woman who suffered head injuries when she slipped and fell on the sidewalk in front of a business due to an icy condition created by the business.

Myers, Singer & Galiardo LLP

Myers, Singer & Galiardo LLP